Business Sales Agent Associate Relocatable (1035)

  • €19,500
Costa Blanca South
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Business Sales Agent Associate Relocatable (1035)
Costa Blanca South
  • €19,500


Business and employment is on the rise, along with economic growth, and that’s given Direct Business Brokers (DBB) the perfect excuse to launch a brand new franchising opportunity.

You can carry the Direct Business Brokers name anywhere in Spain to sell all kinds of businesses including shops, bars, and restaurants under a unique license. As the economy improves, DBB is looking to expand to take advantage of the ever-growing market and is looking for enthusiastic people to run their own agency under the Direct Business Brokers brand.
Whether you already live in Spain already or fancy coming out over here, perhaps with some experience in the selling businesses in your own country, how about taking charge of your own franchise licensed to Direct Business Brokers.
It’s hard work…no mistake about it, but you have the chance to get loads of rewards and satisfaction, to set up a new Direct Business Brokers branch, developed with the parent company and a share of the income in the early days.
Direct Business Brokers experience in Spain will allow you the help you need to set up your licensed business, backed by the established DBB name. If you’ve never owned a business before in Spain, you will get the support and advice as to what to do, but this is an opportunity for committed self-starters who know how to throw up many balls in the air, and keep them from falling to the ground!

The more effort that you put in will bring you the best rewards and confidence is essential. Life and work in Spain has many positives, but you will also need to take the view that unexpected things do happen, and you will need a calm attitude to business property game, as there are many fish in the sea. We will help you on things like marketing, training, and the legal stuff that may seem a bit bewildering at first, but you will soon get used to and get to grips with.
Direct Business Brokers Benefits

If you take out a DBB license, then we will help out with things like:-
1. Getting The Right Bank. We will tell which Spanish banks can offer the best deals for any potential clients, including setting up accounts for utility bills.
2, Best Exchange. DBB will point your customers in the direction of companies that offer the very best exchange rates for money transfers.
3. Getting Legal. We know all the routes to travel on in regard to taxation and law for potential customers. It can be daunting at first, but rest assured we know the contacts to help any new franchise holders go in the right direction.
4. Top Service. In a big market, DBB has a culture of emphasising quality service with a smile. It’s a vital part of striking a deal, and we will encourage any franchise holder to go this direction.
5. More To Go At. After the recession, things are on the up, and more businesses are being sold in a more competitive market. Direct Business Brokers also has contacts with the banks, who are selling off a range of business properties that they had to seize at the height of the recession.

That’s just a starting list, but taking on a DBB franchise will be a massive decision for you, especially if you are coming from out of Spain. You need to consider which part of the country that you want to be based in, and also if your personal circumstances, including your family, lend themselves to this opportunity. Motivation and self-starting are important.
There’s a lot of stuff to take in, but if you can rise to the challenge, then get in touch with us with absolutely no obligation whatsoever.


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